There in the Heart

This book was produced in the scope of the project “The Wolf of Canastra”, made in partnership by the “Instituto Pró-carnívoros”, University of Brasília, the Federal University of Minas Gerais and “CENAP – the Chico Mendes Institute” and funded by the “Fundo Nacional do Meio Ambiente (National Environment Fund)”. It was led by Professor Marcelo Bizerril, from the University of Brasília. 

For this project, Marcelo Bizerril asked me to write a poem about the “Canastra Mountains”. And there is nothing better than visiting the place to find some inspiration and that is exactly what I did. I was enchanted with such beauty and exuberance. Even the anteaters I saw running in that beautiful savannah, up close.  To illustrate, I drew with water-soluble colored pencils and painted with acrylic paint and soft pastels.

After I did all the drawings, I went back there to launch the book to all the kids, together with the “Instituto Pró-carnívoros” team. It was so much fun!