The Birthday Gift

This book tells a story of a pig called Torresminho. His parents didn’t have time for him and for that reason they got used to giving Torresminho gifts. Until the day of his birthday when Torresminho first met a friend named Linguiço who gave Torresminho and his family a very special gift…

I chose pigs as the characters because I have always liked this animal since my childhood. They are chubby, cute, noisy and funny!

To illustrate this book, the technique I used was acrylic paint and soft pastel on paper. The area covered by the text is tiny, allowing for many large and detailed illustrations. This book was adopted by many schools in Brazil and other countries for reading classes. Almost 45,000 copies were sold, and the book also became a play, adapted by a Japanese school called “Escola Comunitária Paulo Freire (Paulo Freire Community School)”.

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